Ducati 1100 Streetfighter V4 Lamborghini 2023


When did it go wrong? The night when com executives sniffed a coconut highway or when a Huracan courted a Streetfighter? Probably the same day, and maybe in the same room. Still, Ducati is attacking 2023 hard with its hot hyper-roadster reworked with STO sauce. Less extreme than the SF V4 SP but even more extravagant, here is the Streetfighter V4 Lamborghini.

Let’s start by defining this STO. For ‘Super Trofeo Omologation’. The Sant’Agata manufacturer offers its Huracan racing car in this version optimized for both the road and the circuit, with a big 640 horsepower V10 and heavily burnt racing trim.

The car holds our attention for a good reason: it greatly influenced the Streetfighter V4. Its finery is totally modeled on the violent racing decor of the Lambo’. A tangy pistachio green blends with bright red-orange for guaranteed retinal detachment.
The 63 slapped on the tank could ignite the passion of Francesco Bagnaia fans; except that this number is not to honor the official Ducati rider…

It recalls the year of birth of the Lamborghini automobile firm. Not to be confused with Ferruccio’s first company, created in 1948 to manufacture tractors and make his fortune. To mark the occasion, Ducati will manufacture only 630 numbered copies of this crazy machine.
Crazy for its extroverted design, for its price, for all the very special attentions it has received.

Hitting hard is essential. The uppercut comes gradually as the curious detail the exterior parts of this Streetfighter Lamborghini. The quality goes up a notch with carbon parts everywhere…. Whose particularity is nothing less than a stylistic mutation. The front fender incorporates gills similar to that of the nose of the Huracan STO. The engine shoe notches like a forced efficiency for airflow, mimicking the STO’s rear brake cooling system. The upper sides and the seat cowl incorporate extractors to also recall the cooling needs of its (distant) 4-wheel cousin. Other parts are made of carbon but without having received mutagen. This remains premium for the cover protecting the dashboard, the tank cover, the heel guards, the rear mudguard, the gearbox sprocket cover as well as the (perforated) clutch cover, the cylinder head covers, the radiator sides, the fins, the chain guard, the rear frame guards, the headlight support, the seat stopper…well, everywhere!

Ducati 1100 Streetfighter V4 S Lamborghini It will not have escaped you that on this motorcycle, the brake calipers, the central titanium nut of the rear wheel and part of the widgets are coated in scarlet. The Öhlins fork prefers black. As for the technique, it’s greed: the beautiful rims have the same design as those of the Huracan. Between the two, two Akrapovic mufflers make the V4 sing, take a few pounds off and add a pinch of watts.

Because there begins the other madness of the Streetfighter. Its monstrous engine. Directly derived from the sporty Panigale V4 (like the chassis), this block spits out 208 horsepower. This is more than the majority of hyper sports cars available on the market. Something sick, fortunately mastered by strong electronics. So much power that the buttocks will flatten on the saddle, also specific with a finish similar to the seats of the Huracan.

The Streetfighter V4 Lamborghini also has a racing fuel cap, adjustable footrest plates in absolutely superb machined aluminum, control levers of the same invoice, a dry clutch, a cover in a matching color and the serial number written on the cover of the air box, the key, the TFT dashboard during start-up and the aluminum certificate of authenticity.
Owners will be able (and they alone) to afford a few items (helmet, leathers, etc.) to match the very equivocal design of the Streetfighter Uracan duo.

Ducati 1100 Streetfighter V4 S Lamborghini Only 630 copies… and a little more. There will also be an ultra-special series of 63 units, called Speciale Clienti, for wealthy people of another category. Attention, we are no longer in the same world: Special Lamborghini customers will have the possibility of personalizing their SF V4 with body colors and rims identical to those of their car.

This is the second time that Ducati has teamed up with the bull brand. In 2021, the Diavel had thus copied the Siàn FKP 37 – another exceptional car, also produced in 63 copies.
The problem is that the price has taken quite a fever from frequenting such wags. The Streetfighter Lamborghini costs twice as much as the SP version (which already costs an arm). I dare not even write the numbers.

Let’s briefly point out that for such a price, customers leave with a roadster with insane potential, semi-active Öhlins suspensions, carbon everywhere, a well-filled electronic assistance pack – traction, sliding, wheeling, stoppie controls and engine braking, shifter, active cornering ABS, standing start assist, three Riding Modes – Brembo Stylema brakes, stunning single-sided arm, pure madness on the handlebars and prestigious names on the trim.

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