DS E-Tense Performance, the future French supercar?

Many of us dream of a new French supercar, capable of raising the colors of France to the forefront of world references! DS Automobile, the national premium manufacturer, could well make our wish come true!

DS E-Tense Performance! The tricolor supercar of the 21st century does exist and it is much more than a simple concept! A formula E to the power of 2! In fact, we are talking about a prototype here! Both a real racing car designed by competition pros! And an “extreme” mobile laboratory for future technologies! We followed… its development… its birth… its first laps… Before taking the wheel, exclusively, for Turbo!

But before that. A little throwback… Some of you discovered it last February. When DS Automobile presented this new prototype to the press, statically. Some photos, some technical information. No more. But who already gave the mouth water!

A crazy project! Dizzying by the performances announced! Or even impossible? Some even believed in a model. A builder’s fantasy. A simple marketing poster… This can be understood given the ambition of the specifications! And yet…

A year ago, we were in Satory in the Paris region, at the Headquarters of Stellantis to discover the development of an ultra-secret project. In fact, we are more precisely at DS performances / the sports division of the manufacturer. And in front of us, we discover on its operating table a concept that we know well, since we took the wheel of it in the heart of Paris in 2016. With E-Tense… DS was already inaugurating and testing the electric motor “as well as the battery” which were to be used a few years later on production models… currently in the catalogue…

Before our eyes, only the carbon shell of the 2016 E-Tens concept remains. First step: The body parts deemed too heavy are sent directly to the incinerator. The cockpit is prepared to switch to “competition” mode

Few weeks later. It’s already time for the prototype to put on its combat gear: Work on the paint… Installation of a Covering highlighting the future style codes characteristic of the models to come. It remains to refine the aerodynamics, to allow sufficient cooling… Because the time has come to install the engines, front and rear. To finish with the installation of the battery. You will see, one of the most important elements! After almost 1 full year of development… that’s it! Technology transfer is achieved. The monster comes to life…

And precisely, the first to be able to test this regenerative system is Carlos Tavares himself. A few minutes before the Formula E races took to the streets of the Principalities, the General Manager of Stellantis – also recognized for his driving skills – had the opportunity to open the E-Prix at the wheel of the prototype. Concretely, the regenerative power is so powerful that it becomes almost useless to use the mechanical brakes to decelerate. Better: the system makes it possible to recharge the 25 kWh battery « only » with unprecedented efficiency. Certainly one of the most interesting components of this concept. Which could well lead to a concrete application for road models.

You will tell me that there are – even among the electric ones – Supercars with much more extravagant technical specifications! But at DS… NO racing for reckless power. We’re not here to brag. Only performance matters. With 4-wheel drive and an « uncompromising » traction management system. The goal is maximum efficiency.

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