Drunk and in the company of a huge superstar, LeBron lets go and raps!

LeBron James is letting go as rarely! After With the elimination of the Lakers, the King has entered a very important summer of relaxation on the eve of his 19th season in the league. For example, he organized a small meal with a huge superstar, and after a few drinks, he totally let it go!

Lebron james could have been incredibly frustrated after the elimination of the Lakers in the first round of the last playoffs against the Suns, which had never happened to him in his career … But obviously, he is living one of the best offseason of his career ! Since the beginning of June and this rather logical defeat against Phoenix, the King has been carrying on exciting activities.

It all started with a tour of the United States with his sons Bronny and Bryce, since he has accompanied them to a large majority of their games this season! Then LeBron’s crazy summer continued with the promotion for the movie Space Jam: A New Legacy, which is relatively successful given the global health situation. And after this media euphoria, he decided to recharge his batteries with his relatives.

The proof, the video of a dinner of LeBron has just been released on social networks, and the buzz was instantaneous. Along with legend P Diddy, the King was filmed glass in hand singing a Drake and Migos track verbatim! It’s a safe bet that it was not his first drink at the time of this little improvised concert!

LeBron James is perhaps one of the biggest stars on the planet, he’s a human like any other after a few drinks: he doesn’t hesitate to sing his favorite song at the top of his lungs! And what is remarkable is that for once, he does indeed know the words of  » Having Our Way « ! On Instagram, he has often been mocked for his tendency to make yogurt on his playbacks!

If Drake probably dreamed of being an NBA star, LeBron would see himself behindre the microphone! If we trust this video, he already has the gestures!

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