DRC – Ligue 1: US Panda surprises AS Dauphin Noir


The US Panda suffers another defeat to AS Dauphin Noir. The Likasi club won (1-0) in the dying moments on Tuesday, February 15, 2022. The US Panda has a third consecutive victory at the Kikula stadium.

The US Panda has been on a good dynamic for a few games. He begins a spectacular comeback following his new victory. This time, the victim is called AS Dauphin Noir, which loses again. Salvation came from Abel Nyembo. With a strike from his defense he opened the scoring in the 92nd minute. The US Panda imposes itself at the end of the suspense on the narrow score of 1-0.

The US Panda records a 3rd success and moves to 10th place in the standings. He is on the heels of his adversary of the day Dauphin Noir who is in 9th place.


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