DRC – Ligue 1: Glody Lilepo dominates the scorers’ standings

DRC - Ligue 1: Glody Lilepo dominates the scorers' standings

Glody Lilepo takes the lead in the scorers’ standings thanks to a hat-trick achieved this Thursday, December 16, 2021. He largely contributed to the final victory of Vita Club (5-0) against AS Simba. The Moscow striker has 8 goals.

Glody Lilepo is a strong contender for the individual trophies of the season. In addition to his impact in the Moscow game, he is a serial scorer. He is the first player this season to score three goals in a game. He managed this performance in the victory of Vita Club (5-0) against AS Simba. The hat-trick allows him to get ahead of his competitors and take the lead in scorers. He now has 08 goals in front of Prince Tshal Musans who has 6 goals to his account.

Glody Lilepo is expected among the best players in the championship. He has already finished best winger and nominated for the title of best player last year. The Moscow striker is retaining his rank at the start of the championship. He leads the beautiful dynamic of the black dolphins who remain undefeated after 11 games and follows Mazembe in the standings. He is the most prominent player in the troop because he is both scorer and passer.

Top 6 updated in the scorers’ ranking

1- Glody Lilepo Vita Club 8 goals
2- Tshal Musans Lushi Sport 6 goals
3- Ilondo Itaka Jsk 5 goals
4- Dark Kabangu Lupopo 5 goals
5- Mbambu Wango Maniema 5 goals
6- Obed Mayamba V club 5 goals

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