DRC – Ligue 1: AS Vita Club curls US Tshinkunku


AS Vita Club crushed the promoted US Tshinkunku this Monday, November 22 with the score of 5 goals to 1 away.

The departure of coach Dominique Cionci did not affect the morale of Muscovites. Well disciplined, they taught US Tshinkunku a great football lesson at their own facilities. It is by a heavy and broad score of 5 goals to 1 that they inflicted the sanction on their hosts. The black dolphins opened the scoring very early in the 3rd minute. Pascal Mbarga gave the advantage (0-1) to his people. Glody Lilepo follows the example and makes the addition in the 13th minute of play for the 2-0. Pascal Mbarga started for the first time offers himself a double just before the break (0-3).

After the break, Jean-Claude Loboko remobilizes his troop. The team takes about fifteen minutes but not for long. Kinshasa scored a fourth goal. Lilepo offers a nice pass to Jacques Temopele who shakes the nets in the 77th minute (0-4). Four minutes later Mayamba participates in the festival and brings the score to 5-0 in the 81st. Samuel Foura saves the honor by reducing the score to 5 minutes from the end.

AS Vita Club wins by a large score for the first time this season. He recovers the third place in the standings. US Tshinkunku remain winless in 10 games.

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