Draymond lets go of the 2 hardest players to defend … with a surprise!

Draymond Green will be remembered for his important role in the Warriors dynasty, but also for his status as an elite defender. Among the best in history, the interior therefore necessarily has an opinion relevantent on the most talented players on the other side of the field. He cited two names of great attackers, including a surprise!

Like last season, and due to the elimination of its Warriors in play-in, Draymond green lives the playoffs from the comfort of the chain TNT. His basketball science and ability to simplify the game for viewers is refreshing, and his consulting role fits him perfectly. What should seriously consider a reconversion in a few years? Surely !

Especially since he knows how to make people talk about him with his strong opinions. A few days ago, he demonstrated for example how the Grizzlies could reduce the impact of Rudy Gobert showing almost a minute of his worst defensive actions ! An unflattering compilation which inevitably had a strong echo.

And during a small question and answer session on the site Bleacher Report, the neo-consultant had to answer a fairly classic question: who is the most difficult player to defend according to him? If his first answer is rather agreed and logical, the second could surprise more than one!

Kevin Durant is easily the toughest player I’ve had to defend on. No one is unstoppable, but he gets closer than anyone. And there was Manu Ginobili… He could move quickly forwards, but also to the sides. As soon as we thought he was going to the left, he released a eurostep to the right.

It’s not hard to see why Kevin Durant is quoted by Draymond Green… The leader of the Nets is currently running at 32.6 points on average in this playoff campaign, one proof among many others of his talent. As for Manu Ginobili, it was obviously his unconventional footwork that set him apart. He democratized eurostep, the defenders’ nightmare.

Manu Ginobili is a little forgotten since his retirement, but Draymond Green paid him a sublime tribute. In its best years, the rear was a scoring machine!

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