Draymond Green’s strong decision after his unacceptable gesture!

The Warriors find themselves in a very delicate situation after the crack of Draymond Green, who hit Jordan Poole in training. A penalty is expected for the interior, who made a strong decision during the last workout of his teammates. It’s a start, but Green is risking a lot in the next few days.

While the Warriors are among the favorites for the title, their preparation has just been turned upside down this week with the gross error of Draymond Green. The interior, known for often provoking his opponents or even his teammates, hit Jordan Poole after words exchanged between the two men. An unacceptable gap for the Warrior, who is now waiting to be sanctioned by the Dubs.

Simple fine, suspension for the resumption of the season? Depending on the findings, the Warriors will naturally adapt the punishment for Green, who has not only made friends with this gesture. Even though some team-mates have noticed a change in attitude from Poole, perhaps in relation to talk of his contract extension, that certainly doesn’t excuse his gesture.

Draymond Green ready to accept the consequences

Among the players, we are now waiting for a sanction for Dray, it remains to be seen which one. But the most important thing is to know how the interested party will manage his return to the workforce and this soap opera with Poole. Passing in front of the media, Bob Myers, the GM, confirms that Green has decided to come to training on Thursday to apologize in front of everyone, before leaving the room.

Bob Myers says Draymond Green apologized to the team this morning after his altercation the day before with Jordan Poole. Green left the room after his apology and did not practice with the team today.

A really useless story for the Dubs, which complicates their so far almost perfect preparation. Green him, should stay away from the group while waiting for his sanction, which will not be made public by the franchise:

Bob Myers says Warriors will keep Draymond Green’s punishment after his altercation with Jordan Poole internally.

Apologies, an absence from training: the preparation of Draymond Green is complicated and will continue to make the side of the Warriors talk, while a sanction is still pending. No doubt, it’s a story that the franchise would have frankly passed.

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