Draymond Green unleashes fans with a hot take on the Lakers!


Despite all the bad buzz he can cause with his statements, Draymond Green keeps his tongue hanging out. His recent position on the Lakers and their 2020 title therefore once again triggered strong reactions on social networks!

Between Draymond Green and the Lakers, the story is rather paradoxical. On the one hand, the Warriors inside is among LeBron James’ best friends, who he appeared drunk with again in a recent viral video. On the other, he remains a big franchise rival as a Golden State player. His latest words may not improve his popularity rating on the spot.

Kuzma or Ingram? Draymond validates the Lakers’ choice

In the latest episode of his podcast, Draymond Green welcomes Kyle Kuzma, with whom he returned during his time at the Lakers. Inevitably, the discussion quickly focused on the coronation of the Angelinos in 2020, and on the importance of the young winger in this accomplishment. Green took the opportunity to address a long-standing debate in LA that Brandon Ingram should have been kept in place of Kuz:

There’s something people don’t realize when there are decisions like that. Those who don’t understand what it takes to win say, “But Brandon Ingram is an All-Star, so that was a bad call. If you know a bit about it, you say, « But they won a title! » So regardless of your opinion on that, the Lakers have won the title, and that puts an end to this whole debate.

A term ? Not quite, since Draymond himself gave his very clear opinion on the subject!

I’m not sure this team would have won if they had kept BI instead of you considering the difference in your games. All the pieces of the puzzle must fit together. What you brought to the team… You and KCP were the shooters.

In other words, Dray does not think that Ingram could have fit into this simple trigger role occupied at the time by Kuzma, and implies that it could have caused the loss of Purple & Gold. An opinion that many Internet users do not endorse at all:

Draymond doesn’t know anything about basketball unfortunately

What a lack of respect for Brandon Ingram 😂

While some Lakers fans still regret the departure of Brandon Ingram in favor of Kyle Kuzma, Draymond Green doubts that the Angelinos would have finished champions in 2020 with the Pels winger. Something to bring this heated debate up to date!


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