“Draymond Green tried to take off my shorts”

Draymond Green’s practices on the field continue to make headlines across the Atlantic, even more so following Game 2 of the Finals between Warriors and Celtics. A Boston player, for example, accused the big man of wanting to… take off his shorts!

His talents as a defender are not the subject of any debate on the planet NBA, he who presents in his prize list a title of Defensive Player of the Year. On the other hand, the tricks he can use to squeeze his opponents are much more controversial. Draymond Green has only amplified this phenomenon during the recent Game 2 of the Finals.

During the meeting, the Warriors barker indeed fell out with several members of the Celtics. For many, these sequences should have earned him two technical faults, synonymous with exclusion. However, he only got away with one, thus contributing to the victory of his people thereafter. One of these two actions still causes a lot of ink to flow, and for good reason.

Draymond Green’s curious gesture towards Jaylen Brown

Already warned during the first quarter, and therefore suspended, Green almost left his partners definitively just before half-time, after a fault followed by an altercation with Jaylen Brown. This scene obviously caused a lot of talk, starting with Al Horford’s sister, very upset with Draymond. In a post-match press conference, Brown also spoke out, dropping a funny accusation against the interior:

Brown on his run-in with Draymond: « I don’t know what I was supposed to do at that point. Someone had their legs over my head, and then they tried to take my shorts off. I don’t know why he did that. That’s the kind of stuff Draymond Green does. He will do whatever it takes (to win). »

The C’s winger therefore considers his anger of the moment completely legitimate, and is surprised that Green’s attitude did not lead him to be excluded on the spot. He and his teammates will have to accept this fate anyway, and use it as additional motivation to regain the lead in the series. Conversely, Draymond and the Dubs will try to recover the home advantage at TD Garden this Wednesday, no doubt with as much, if not more, vice!

Draymond Green has tried to unsettle his opponents in many ways since the start of his career. However, this attempt to lower the shorts of Jaylen Brown, highlighted by the star of the Celtics, is unprecedented!

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