Draymond Green rages against … the Warriors: « you twist »

Fantastic player, Draymond Green can however also unpin from time to time. The most remarkable thing in all of this is that he sometimes targets his own team! He notably knocked out the Warriors recently, through a murderous comment.

Currently in Tokyo with Team USA, Draymond green frankly did not have a good start to the Olympic tournament. On the contrary, the interior saw its selection lose 83-76 against France (summary here), the Americans losing their first game at the Olympics since 2004… and he himself did not shine, with only 2 points, 2 rebounds and 4 assists in the game.

However, the double All-Star does not forget to follow the activities of his franchise, namely Golden State. The latter has also distinguished itself recently, through a publication on her Instagram post. We thus see a portfolio of players drafted by GS during the last seasons:

A nice collection of talents, proof of the flair of the Californian leaders during the draft. It includes the Splash Brothers, Klay Thompson and Stephen curry. However, there is one missing… and it is Draymond himself! And that did not escape the interested party at all, who tackled his frankness in the comments with a scathing post:

You’re completely twisting there, not putting pictures of Draymond Green. But hey, respect to you … Keep this energy

Despite his second-round status in 2012, the No. 23 very quickly established himself as an indisputable holder, and the boss of the Warriors’ defense. If the latter are triple NBA champions over the last decade, it is also thanks to him! It is therefore indeed very surprising on the part of the franchise … which will have explanations to give to the DPOY 2017.

This little incident must have reminded Draymond Green of how little confidence the Boy Scouts had in him before his arrival in the league. No wonder he didn’t take this snob well from Golden State…

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