Draymond Green finds his Hall of Fame case ‘solid’

While LeBron James, 38 years old, pushes the limits of time on his performances, Draymond Greenhe seems far from wanting to follow the same path as that of the Lakers player.

The interior of the Warriors is still relatively young (32 years old), and if he is already satisfied to have spent a decade in the NBA, he cannot imagine playing ten more years in the league.

« I don’t want to play until I’m 40 », he assures Stephen A. Smith’s « Know Mercy » podcast. “I really want to play another four seasons after this one. I always said that my magic number was 15 years. As soon as I hit that total, I’m fine. I can leave, enjoy life and do something else. I leave room for young people. »

Draymond Green therefore gives himself four more seasons to finish an already busy career: four NBA titles, a defender of the year trophy in 2017 and four appearances in the All-Star Game.

What will probably bring him to the Hall of Fame in a few years, despite the provocative question posed by a Wizards spectator earlier this week.

« I think and I hope to be part of it », replied Stephen Curry’s teammate for The Athletic. “My path has not been a classic route. When you look at my statistics, you don’t immediately imagine that I am a Hall of Famer. But if we know basketball, I think I have my chances. That’s how I see things. I didn’t take the same path as the others to get to the Hall of Fame, I still have work to do and things to do, but I believe my case is solid. »

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