Draymond Green drops the key to beat Luka and the Mavericks

Draymond Green is revolutionizing communication in the NBA, recording a podcast almost every day, even though that he must prepare for the conference final. And in its latest episode, the inside reveals the key to defeating Luka Doncic.

After several years marked by injuries, particularly those of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, the Warriors are finally back to their best. The trio formed by the Splash Brothers and Draymond Green is still as effective, and they can now rely on other very talented players like Jordan Poole, Andrew Wiggins or Otto Porter Jr.

Moreover, for the first season without a major absence since 2019, Steve Kerr’s men will find the last four of the playoffs, a stage they know better than anyone else in this postseason. But beware, they will have to face a Dallas team in the euphoria of their victory against the Suns, the big favorites for the title for many months.

The transition, key to the final in the West

In his last podcast, Draymond Green launched into a complete analysis of this Western Conference final, and if he did not necessarily go into detail so as not to give too many indications to his future opponents, he still unveiled what he thought was the key to the series. For the interior, everything will be played on the mastery of the tempo, since the Mavericks would not be made for the game on the half-court.

The Mavericks are a very good team and they have the weapons to hurt us. One thing we definitely need to do is reduce our number of ball drops. These guys are going to have a blast in transition, so we need to fix that. On the one hand it will allow us to be more effective in attack, to have better opportunities, and on the other, we will be able to set up our defensive system.

Playing against an organized defense is much more difficult than playing against a transitioning defense. This is the reason why we were undermined by the Grizzlies, and even by the Nuggets on certain sequences. I am the first to have to improve myself in the field. My forecast does not change in any case, I obviously bet on our qualification for the Finals.

For Draymond Green, it is the Warriors who hold the keys to the series, and if they manage to limit the transition game of the Mavericks, the interior is betting on a qualification for his team. He obviously can’t say otherwise, but do Luka Doncic and his teammates even have this weapon in their arsenal? The young All-Star will have the opportunity to strike a blow by showing another facet of his game.

Draymond Green knows it, he and Stephen Curry are going to have to take care of the ball if they don’t want to give the Mavericks any chance of winning this series. In any case, the test will be serious for both teams.

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