Draymond Green destroys Rudy Gobert’s defense against the Grizzlies!

Eliminated by Memphis during the play-in, Draymond Green does not hold a grudge as he seeks to help this young team beat the Jazz. For it, he did not hesitate to destroy Rudy Gobert’s defense, giving the keys to success against the brilliant French pivot…

Draymond green take advantage of the Warriors off-season to prepare for his professional retraining. Like last season, the interior does not live the playoffs on the field, as it has so often been used to, but from the comfort of the plateau ofInside The NBA on TNT. A consultant’s exercise in which he excels with fair and popular analyzes for the general public.

And this Monday, on the occasion of the meeting between the Jazz and the Grizzlies, Draymond Green decided to decipher the game of Rudy Gobert and the way Memphis tries to thwart him. For 45 seconds, the triple NBA champion showed images that were not very advantageous for the Frenchman…

Draymond Green: The truth is that Rudy Gobert will get involved defensively. The question that arises for Memphis is therefore « how do we want him to be involved? » « . We all know Rudy is a great defender, Memphis has to make him defend where he is not comfortable. You have to involve him where you want, not where he wants. Otherwise you have no chance.

For Draymond Green things are simple: even if it means having to face Rudy Gobert, you might as well do it a little offshore where he is less comfortable. This is not the recipe for guaranteed success, but the best way to destabilize it. Anyway, Ja Morant quickly understood that it was better to avoid painting!

Despite Draymond Green’s advice, Memphis may have a hard time shedding defense by Rudy Gobert… His talent is not so easily countered!

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