Draymond Green denies any interest in the Lakers

An exceptional franchise in the NBA landscape, the Lakers fuel the wildest rumors and fantasies. The most recent reported potential interest from Draymond Green to join the « Purple & Gold » since the interior has the possibility of becoming a « free agent » at the end of the season, if he decides not to activate his « player option » at 27.5 million dollars for 2023/ 24.

Asked by Andscape, the person concerned brushed aside the rumor with the back of his hand.  » I never said that. People can say whatever they want. I’m also not the type to react to what one can say. I react when I feel like it. I don’t react to things just because someone said them. »

Tempted by a Kobe Bryant career

Draymond Green also projected the possibility of playing for the Warriors throughout his career, a feat in the world of professional sports but also an aspect that makes Golden State special, since Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson are in the same case than him.

“It’s amazing when you look at how many guys have only played for one team. You can watch the NBA right now. There are five guys who have played on a team for over 11 years. We have three (plus Damian Lillard and Bradley Beal). It’s very rare. There are 470, 480 players in the NBA? It’s amazing, and I’d be interested in that. When we have the opportunity to do it, we savor it,” he added.

However, no final choice has been made for the rest of his career. What is certain is that Draymond Green can approach the future with serenity. After praising the professionalism of his agent, Rich Paul, he gives himself time to make the best decision.

“That said, I am aware that the NBA is a business, and that in the end, there are choices to be made. I have to make decisions, but I’m focused on the season, on winning. We let these things unfold as they should unfold. What is certain is that these things evolve over time, and time will continue to pass. So, my focus is on the present and what I can do now for this team. All of these things will happen in due time. »

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