Draymond convinced that Phoenix beat the Lakers … thanks to him!

The exploits of Devin Booker? Deandre Ayton’s first successful playoff series? Chris Paul’s comeback? No, for Draymond Green, the main reason for the victory of the Suns against the Lakers lies … in one of his previous declassions. Explanations.

After having cost the qualification in postseason to its Warriors because of a simple failed layup, he didn’t wait long to bounce back. Rather than spend a start of the offseason cut off from the world and the NBA, Draymond Green decided to live the playoffs on the sets of TNT, as a consultant for the famous American channel.

It is therefore from a privileged position that he was able to follow the end of the series between Suns and Lakers, brilliantly won by Phoenix. But instead of giving the credit to Monty Williams or his men, the big man of Golden State has decided … to grab him. He thus evoked as main motive his attempt to recruit Devin Booker last summer.

Dedication to all the Suns fans who send me what I said on Book. 😂😂😂 Instead of being ungrateful, you better THANK me. That day, they finally decided to offer her HELP. I am delighted with that !!
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Dray never lacks humor, and therefore decided to take the Suns Nation’s provocations towards him with irony. At the same time, he found a nice way to finance a small trip in a few weeks. In any case, that’s what fans might have thought, before the interior extended the joke in a more respectable way.

Then I can donate the money to charities 😊😊😊

Even away from the courts, Draymond Green tries to keep a role in the victories of the various teams. His version will however find it difficult to be defended.

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