Draymond breaks the mood and is skeptical of the Warriors

Everyone at Golden State seems super excited about the season ahead. All except Draymond Green… The three-time champion has indeed had some rather worrying words about his team’s chances of winning recently.

After two years without playing in the playoffs, the hype is back on the side of the Warriors. With Klay Thompson on the comeback and the group’s executives still present and in good shape, we can expect great things from California. Even Steph Curry was excited when talking about the quality of the men around him !

Nonetheless, others remain skeptical of the real potential of the Men of the Bay. Among these, we find in particular … Draymond green, one of the pillars of the team and who seems to be very cautious about the movements made during the offseason. In any case, this is what he suggested to NBC Sports :

I mean I think this is the plan, so regardless of what I can think of it or what everyone else thinks about it, this is kind of the path we are taking and in the position that I thinks me, you just have to do whatever you can to make it a success.

We have known more cheerful coming from the Dancing Bear… Obviously, he does not share the Chef’s enthusiasm, even if the latter has again allowed himself a blow of pressure on the leaders recently. What bothers Green, however, is the odd balance between seasoned veterans and young, almost newbies in the league. In his eyes, difficult to be a credible candidate for the title under these conditions:

That kind of mix of experience and almost no experience, historically I think as an NBA fan I can’t remember the last time you saw someone have success with this, but saying this is our situation. So, you do what you have to do to make this situation work.

Unfortunately for the three-time champion, the roster should not change much before the season resumes. Most of the big stars are firmly entrenched in their franchise, or do not match the game of Dubs (Ben Simmons, for example). Steve Kerr will therefore do with the current group for a while… It remains to be seen how far he can take it.

The Warriors are warned, Draymond Green is anything but convinced by the numbers around him and Curry. It’s never a good sign to hear that… It’s up to his teammates to make him change his mind in the coming weeks.

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