Drama in the Celtics’ locker room? Jayson Tatum takes on Marcus Smart!

In difficulty since the resumption, the Celtics are far from being able to claim a big run in the East as it is. Marcus Smart tried to turn things around in public, which Jayson Tatum and company didn’t like. The star did not hide his dissatisfaction in front of journalists.

With a new coach but the same ambitions, the Celtics do not respond to this start of the year. Defeats are common, like the one on Saturday night after a monstrous shot signed Luka Doncic. There wasn’t much to do in this game, but disappointment reigns in Massachusetts.

It is clear that something has to change if the players are to return to a positive spiral, and that requires adjustments. Tatum isn’t the most skillful, so maybe others should take advantage, starting with Jaylen Brown. It is the message sent by Marcus Smart a little earlier in the week, and that hadn’t appealed to many people.

Jayson Tatum emerges from silence after Celtics troubles

We can’t say that the loss to Dallas fixed the problems in Boston, let alone at a press conference. Tatum has been asked to comment on the Smart-initiated drama, and needless to say he’s not happy. In any case, this is what he made clear to the journalists present.

You know what I think about it. I wouldn’t come before you to talk about our game plan. But it happened, and we can’t change that. We are still a team, we try to find solutions, to win games. It’s not like I’m pissed off or disappointed, but it happened. I think everything happens for a reason, so let’s try to move on and find something

This was undoubtedly the primary objective of Marcus Smart, who wanted to generate a reaction in the locker room. It didn’t really have that effect, at least not yet. It will be interesting to see if a reaction takes place with Tatum, as it’s clear he didn’t like it. Boston needs to do better, even though victory was near on Saturday.

Not happy, Jayson Tatum did not hide his disappointment after the words of Marcus Smart. An internal explanation has taken place, but the effects are not yet visible. All is not over for Jaylen Brown’s teammates.

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