Drama in Indonesia: « Fans died in the arms of the players »

A total of 125 people were killed and 323 others injured in Indonesia during a panic movement after a football match, authorities announced.

« There were fans who died in the arms of the players, » Javier Roca, the Chilean coach of Indonesian club Arema, told Spanish radio Cadena Ser on Sunday after the crowd movement that caused the least 125 dead and 323 injured in a stadium in Malang, east of the island of Java.

« After the match, I went to the locker room and some players stayed on the pitch. When I came back from the press conference, I discovered the tragedy in the stadium, » explained the Arema coach in a poignant testimony given to the Spanish media.

« The players passed with victims in their arms. The most terrible thing was when the victims came to be treated by the team doctor. About twenty people came and four died. There were supporters who died in the arms of the players », delivered the Chilean technician.


The incidents began when Arema fans invaded the pitch at Kanjuruhan Stadium in Malang after their side lost 3-2 to neighboring Persebaya Surabaya on Saturday.

Police, who described the incident as a « riot », tried to persuade fans to return to the stands and fired tear gas at the audience after two officers were killed, leading to jostling and protests. uncontrolled crowds. Many victims were trampled.

« I am devastated morally. I feel a heavy burden, even a responsibility. The results are important and determine what happens in the end. If we had drawn, this would not have happened, » said Javier Roca. .

« Not Prepared »

« It proves that the stadium was not prepared, they (note: the organizers) did not expect such chaos, he continued. It was like an avalanche. Nothing like this was ever arrived in the stadium and everything took on dramatic proportions due to the number of people who wanted to flee. »

« I think the police went too far, even though I was not in the field and did not directly experience this tragic outcome. Looking at the images, they (note: the police) might have could use other methods, » he continued.

« No result of a game, no matter how important, is worth someone losing their life, » the coach concluded.

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