Drama between two Lakers players in the locker room?


Fallen in the first round of the playoffs, the Lakers had a difficult season with defeats. To this, we must add certain tensions within the locker room. A journalist says: two players had problems during the last postseason.

While the Lakers are preparing for the coming summer, with a free agency that will open its doors in a few weeks, the front office already has a big idea of ​​the position to strengthen. The end is often put forward, which suggests that Dennis Schroder could very soon leave the City of Angels. A sign-and-trade? This is the option that is gaining momentum, and several franchises follow closely the German.

To replace him, the Angelinos already have names on their radar, and not the least since we are talking about two superstars. The leaders have clearly made the post of leader a priority, presumably to ease the responsibilities of LeBron James in the near future. We can also see it as a way to boost the second unit, when the stars are resting.

Many movements are therefore expected, to the point that Kyle Kuzma could be concerned. The player is far from unanimous, he who considers himself « as good as Jayson Tatum » according to several people. A high self-esteem, which not everyone likes. In addition, his behavior was not flawless behind the scenes, especially during the last playoffs.

Jordan Schultz, journalist, says Kuzma experienced tensions with Schroder during the playoffs. The two players are clearly not the best friends in the world, and it heated in the locker room. Arguments are raised during the series against the Suns, surely because of the repeated defeats. They are unlikely to be teammates again next year.

Kyle Kuzma and Dennis Schroder have been in « trouble » throughout the season.

Between Dennis Schroder and Kyle Kuzma, it’s not crazy love, to the point that the two could quickly separate. The Lakers are going to have to make some big decisions, and it’s possible that everyone will leave this summer. A fundamental change, which seems almost necessary.


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