Drake launches into a 1-vs-1 with a star… and is ridiculed!

Rapper Drake went one-on-one against an NBA star, and was widely teased by netizens for his performance

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Always a fan of the Raptors, Drake tries as soon as he has the opportunity to refine his skills on the floors with NBA stars. This Thursday, the famous rapper has just found a big name in the Eastern Conference … against which he did not really shine!

Before, he was content to live the NBA experience intensely from the edge of the field, and had even received a championship ring from the Raptors following his contribution during the 2019 Finals. Now, he is trying to reproduce these same feelings on the floor, facing the players he has admired for so many years. Cador of US rap, Drake has been swapping the microphone more and more regularly for an orange ball in recent months.

Drake Tries To Punish Kyle Lowry… And Fucks Up

A little over a year ago, Dreezy appeared with Steph Curry in an improvised 3-point contest, and gave the league’s best all-time shooter a hard time. This Thursday, it was at the American Airlines Arena in Miami that he went to measure himself against a new star, none other than the former leader of Toronto, Kyle Lowry. The Canadian artist once again tried to make his shoot speak from afar… but did not obtain the expected result!

Not really comfortable with the ball in hand – he will definitely have to revise his dribbling between the legs – Drake preferred to try his luck from the parking lot, rather than trying to outrun K-Low. A sequence that amused Internet users, surprised not to see the leader of the Heat cause a forceful passage. However, it was Champagne Papi that took the most for its grade!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a video where Drake actually puts a shot

No chance for a 10 day contract, none

No doubt intimidated by the theater of this one-on-one, and by the prestige of his opponent, Drake failed to convert his 3-point attempt. It didn’t take much for the Twittos to humiliate him on the web!

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