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It’s official, the Jaguars will be the first team to be selected in the Draft on April 29.

We now know the order of the eighteen first choices. Unsurprisingly, Jacksonville is ahead of the Jets. Behind, it is Miami who inherits the third choice, recovered in the exchange that sent Laremy Tunsil to Houston. It is already this exchange that had offered the fifth choice of last year, and therefore Tua Tagovailoa, in Miami. Eliminated from the playoff race, the Dolphins will also choose in 18th place. What to continue a reconstruction already well underway.

The rest of the order of the first round will be defined over the eliminations in the playoffs, the winner of the Super Bowl inheriting the 32nd choice.

The Top 18

1. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-15)

2. New York Jets (2-14)

3. Miami Dolphins (via Houston Texans, 4-12)

4. Atlanta Falcons (4-12)

5. Cincinnati Bengals (4-11-1)

6. Philadelphia Eagles (4-11-1)

7. Detroit Lions (5-11)

8. Carolina Panthers (5-11)

9. Denver Broncos (5-11)

10. Dallas Cowboys (6-10)

11. New York Giants (6-10)

12. San Francisco 49ers (6-10)

13. Los Angeles Chargers (7-9)

14. Minnesota Vikings (7-9)

15. New England Patriots (7-9)

16. Arizona Cardinals (8-8)

17. Las Vegas Raiders (8-8)

18. Dolphins (10-6)


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