Draft NFL 2023: the choices of the 7th round


218 – Chicago Bears: Travis Bell – DT – Kennesaw State

For the third time in this draft, Chicago reinforces the position of defensive tackle with the player from the University of Georgia.

219 – Detroit Lions (traded to Philadelphia Eagles): Antoine Green – WR – North Carolina

A deep threat by nature, Green is an explosive player who brings vertical play.

220 – New York Jets (traded to Las Vegas Raiders): Zack Kuntz – TE – Old Dominion

A versatile player by nature, Kuntzz is a talent that only needs time to become a useful player in the NFL.

221 – Indianapolis Colts: Jaylon Jones – CB – Texas A&M

A cornerback who ticks the physical boxes but struggles to exploit his potential.

222 – Minnesota Vikings: Dewayne McBride – RB – UAB

A phenomenal runner, McBride suffers from being a limited receiving player, but it’s still good business.

223 – Los Angeles Rams: Ethan Evans – P – Wingate

One more punter in the NFL is always a strong emotion.

224 – Atlanta Falcons: DeMarcco Hellams – S – Alabama

While he doesn’t have the speed or the physicality to become an NFL starter, Hellams is a complete player with a football IQ that should allow him to make a name for himself.

225 – Atlanta Falcons: Jovaughn Gwyn – C – South Carolina

Atlanta continues to give depth to the offensive line with the solid Gwyn.

226 – Jacksonville Jaguars: Cooper Hodges – OT – Appalachian State

A powerful and intelligent player, Hodges can try to find a place as an NFL tackle, but a lack of mobility may force him to become a guard.

227 – Jacksonville Jaguars: Raymond Vohasek – DT – North Carolina

Solid everywhere but spectacular nowhere, Vohasek has everything of a complementary player.

228 – Tennessee Titans: Colton Dowell – WR – UT Martin

A player made for a vertical attack, Dowell brings an alternative in return and offers depth in the group of receivers.

229 – Baltimore Ravens: Andrew Vorhees – G – USC

Victim of a terrible injury during the combine, Vorhees will probably not play as a rookie. He remains one of the best guards of this vintage and can, if he regains his physical abilities, still be a good deal for Baltimore.

230 – Buffalo Bills: Nick Broeker – G – Ole Miss

A physically solid player, Broeker is the prototype of a good player, but not an impressive one. However, it still strengthens the offensive line of the Bills, definitely a priority.

231 – Las Vegas Raiders: Nesta Jade Silvera – DT – Arizona State

Although lacking in experience, Silvera has proven enough to have a shot in the NFL. He will probably be a technical 1.

232 – Green Bay Packers: Carrington Valentine – BC – Kentucky

Under the radar, Valentine is a talented player with a high football IQ. It still takes time, but the project may be worth it.

233 – Washington Commanders: Andre Jones – EDGE – Louisiana

ANDre Jones ticks all the physical boxes, and his progress is constant. It can become useful in passing and running games.

234 – Los Angeles Rams: Jason Taylor II – S – Oklahoma State

A sometimes too generous player, Taylor remains a competent safety and a useful player in the special team.

235 – Green Bay Packers: Lew Nichols III – RB – Central Michigan

Solid runner capable of outsmarting the opposing defender, Lew Nichols brings too little in the passing game. He remains a decent runner for a committee.

236 – Indianapolis Colts: Jake Witt – OT – Northern Michigan

Perhaps the most raw player of this draft, Jake Witt is to be totally built.

237 – Seattle Seahawks: Kenny McIntosh – RB – Georgia

Apparently Seattle didn’t have enough runners yet. McIntosh will surely have the role of runner-receiver, rather useful on the third attempts.

238 – Miami Dolphins: Ryan Hayes – OT – Michigan

Ryan Hayes has everything to succeed in the NFL… except power. This is certainly what will limit him to substitute status.

239 – Los Angeles Chargers: Max Duggan – QB – TCU

Should Herbert miss a game, Los Angeles has a solution. Max Duggan is a limited player but a leader who leads his team to victory. On 2 or 3 matches, that can be enough.

240 – Jacksonville Jaguars: Derek Parish – FB – Houston

A physical mountain that later became a fullback, Parish offers an atypical profile that seems to appeal to Jacksonville.

241 – Pittsburgh Steelers: Cory Trice – CB – Purdue

Pittsburgh continues to shine in this draft. Trice is a fast, versatile player who can bring in many game systems. A godsend in the last round.

242 – Green Bay Packers: Anthony Johnson Jr. – S – Iowa State

Very intelligent but too slow, Johnson is the very prototype of the zone player.

243 – New York Giants: Jordon Riley – DT – Oregon

A good tackler and contributor against the run, Riley helps give depth to the Giants defense.

244 – Dallas Cowboys: Jalen Brooks – WR – South Carolina

Another physical receiver in Dallas, never bad news for an attack in search of a new lease of life.

245 – New England Patriots: Isaiah Bolden – BC – Jackson State

Another player who starts from afar, but who has the athletic ability and the speed to succeed. A player who will have to take a step for the Patriots, perhaps by participating in a special team.

246 – Cincinnati Bengals: DJ Ivey – BC – Miami

Cincinnati continues to strengthen the backline with a versatile athlete.

247 – San Francisco 49ers: Brayden Willis – TE – Oklahoma

Brayden Willis is more of a tight end blocker, which is good news for the running game.

248 – Houston Texans: Brandon Hill – S – Pittsburgh

Hill is first and foremost a special team player, a willing but limited player.

249 – Philadelphia Eagles: Moro Ojomo – DT – Texas

The Eagles like the lines, and Ojomo brings reinforcement in defense of run, one of the weaknesses of Philly.

250 – Kansas City Chiefs: Nic Jones – BC – Ball State

A typical player to play in the press, Nic Jones looks like a nice new take from the Chiefs.

251 – Pittsburgh Steelers: Spencer Anderson – G – Maryland

To protect Pickett, adding a passing game specialist seems to make sense.

252 – Buffalo Bills: Alex Austin – BC – Oregon State

Not the most athletic player, but a reliable, smart cornerback.

253 – San Francisco 49ers: Ronnie Bell – WR – Michigan

Bell is a player who has always produced more than he should on paper. We don’t always know why it works, but it works. To see if he can replicate in the NFL.

254 – New York Giants: Gervarrius Owens – S – Houston

If Owens is a solid free safety, he will have to work on his tackles to become really reliable.

255 – San Francisco 49ers: Jalen Graham – LB – Purdue

Once again a versatile player capable of bringing in a special team. Graham is smarter than he is fast.

256 – Green Bay Packers: Grant DuBose – WR – Charlotte

A pretty baby comes to join a decidedly large receiving squad. DuBose is likely to be mostly a red zone player.

257 – Denver Broncos: Alex Forsyth – C – Oregon

If he is not the most powerful, Alex Forsyth has a science of movement and balance that can make him a solid substitute.

258 – Chicago Bears: Kendall Williamson – DB – Stanford

A hybrid player too, Williamson is a decent cover player who doesn’t know how to defend the run.

259 – Los Angeles Rams: Desjuan Johnson – DT – Toledo

Voluntary player but not in physical standards, Johnson is the « Mr Irrelevant » of 2023!


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