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Each year, the NFL Draft offers the selection of the future best players in the league: the next quarterback to take his franchise to the Super Bowl, the next rusher pass that will put them on the ground. It is also, many players who at best will integrate a workforce hoping to have more or less playing time. In 2020, 255 players have been selected, let’s look at the last of them.

A little history

Popularized by cycling, the last of the race gets the nickname of « red lantern ». In the NFL, it’s “Mister Irrelevant”. An honorary title of « unimportant gentleman » awarded since 1976. It is a former NFL player (from 1949 to 1953) Paul Salata who created the denomination and until 2013, it is he who announces this last choice of the draft. The first player to become Mr. Irrelevant was wide receiver Kelvin Kirk, picked by the Pittsburgh Steelers with pick number… 487.

The rewards

The player who wins this distinction is then invited a few weeks later, with his family, to spend a week in Newport Beach (south of Los Angeles) with the program: a day at Disneyland, a golf tournament and an evening. festive where the player receives his trophy. The most prestigious trophy in college football is the Heisman Trophy and the award takes the form of a statue of a football player holding the ball to his body.

The aesthetics of the Lowsman trophy are intentionally very similar but there is one major difference: the player represented on the statuette commits a fumble!

Most notable

In 1994, linebacker Marty Moore, trained at the University of Kentucky, was chosen by the Patriots with the 222 pick. Mostly used with the special team, he played Super Bowl 31 at the end of the 1996 season (loss in the final against the Green Bay Packers). In 2009, kicker Ryan Succop was selected by the Kansas City Chiefs with pick number 256. 166 games played with the Chiefs then the Tennessee Titans, 236 three-point kicks (out of 287 attempted) and 338 additional points after touchdowns (out of 348 attempts). After 10 full seasons where he holds the position and officiates in 16 regular season games, he suffered an injury in 2019 and therefore found himself replaced. He is currently free of contract.

In 2017, the talented but difficult quarterback, Chad Kelly, was drafted by the Denver Broncos with the 253 pick. He only appeared in one NFL game, attempting a run penalizing his team by one yard. Then passed by the Colts, he still has not thrown a single pass on Sunday but he is still under contract with the Indianapolis franchise. In 2018, it was the Washington Redskins who had this last pick and they used it on receiver Trey Quinn: 35 receptions and two touchdowns in two seasons. He’s still in the Redskins squad before heading into the next training camp.

The red lantern 2020

New York Giants: Tae Crowder LB Georgia

Linebacker Dequartavious “Tae” Crowder is honored with this distinction in 2020. Author of 115 tackles in the past two seasons, Tae Crowder is a physical player with a leadership mentality. A native of the state of Georgia, he graduated in international business.

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