[Draft] If I were a hope: Trevor Lawrence, superstar quarterback | Touchdown Actu (NFL Actu)

While the university season runs parallel to that in the NFL and while waiting for the post-season draft sheets, the editorial staff of TDActu offers you a spotlight on the future nuggets that will join the NFL in 2021.

Trevor Lawrence

Born October 6, 1999 in Johnson City, Tennessee
1m98 for 100 kilos
Quarterback, Clemson, junior

Every football fan knows his name. Even those who don’t follow college football. Expected, touted, scrutinized since 2015 with his high school in Georgia and then with Clemson University, Trevor Lawrence is under pressure. And so far he’s handled it more than well. A championship title then a lost final. Barring an industrial disaster, he will be number 1 in the 2021 draft.

If I were a quality: the whole playbook

Trevor Lawrence knows how to throw long and short, from the pocket or on the move. Find small windows, throw at the catcher’s outside shoulder and get multiple readings. The blond from Cartersville ticks all the prerequisites of a very high level quarterback. With him, no need to adapt his scheme, he will be able from the 1st day to take the reins of an attack, whatever the type of offensive system used.

If I were a fault: taking risks

Trevor Lawrence is not a bettor, nor an often intercepted quarterback: 13 times out of 635 completed passes, 1 time in the last 13 games. But with so many qualities, his trainer does not refrain from letting him try the most advanced games. Obviously, there is a little waste. However, his completion rate was 65% in his first two years and even 73% in the first 5 games of 2020. Even when we look for a fault in Trevor Lawrence, the question is quickly answered and it turns out to be in fact. a quality !

If I were a stat: yard by pass

The difference between a good NFL quarterback and a very good one is that you can complete passes for a big payoff. He begins the 2020 season (5 games) with an average of 10.4 yards per pass, 9 yards on average over the 2019 season. Two statistics placing him each time in the top 10 of the university level. Trevor Lawrence can move the chains and also give them a long jump forward.

If I were an NFL player: Andrew Luck (ex Colts)

While he is reminiscent of Peyton Manning in many ways, Trevor Lawrence can also be compared to Andrew Luck. Like the latter, he is a passer from the pocket knowing, when necessary, to win a first attempt with his legs.

If I was a draft pick: number 1

His talent is so obvious that no team will allow themselves to pass their turn. By the hope of being able to win the holy grail with him and also, to avoid the insult over a decade of being mocked like the team that passed on Trevor Lawrence.

If I were an NFL team: Washington

It also works with the Jets, Giants, Jaguars etc. The franchise led by Ron Rivera is asking questions for the most important position. Is Dwayne Haskins a viable solution? Kyle Allen and Alex Smith more? Anyway, Trevor Lawrence does honor to number 16, which he wears in honor of Peyton Manning (when at the University of Tennessee). Quarterback or not in the workforce, Trevor Lawrence will be selected by the team with the first choice in 2021: for a bright future prospect or to obtain an indecent ransom in exchange for the precious sesame.

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