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While the university season runs parallel to that in the NFL and while waiting for the post-season draft sheets, the editorial staff of TDActu offers you a spotlight on the future nuggets that will join the NFL in 2021.

Caleb farley

Born November 2, 1998 in Maiden, NC, USA
1m88 for 93 kilos
Cornerback, Virginia Tech, Junior Redshirt

The top 20 of the future draft is full of enigmatic players, and Caleb Farley is one of them. A talented player with an extremely short career, he is a rough diamond who comes to the draft.

If I were a quality: Speed

A fast player, endowed with rare athletic abilities, Caleb Farley is a player perfectly built to become a number 1 cornerback. He is rarely faulted, since he adds to this speed an extraordinary vision of the game. He is talented and complete, enough to make many franchises dream.

If I were a fault: Experience

Even though Farley has the potential to be a star, he does have limited experience, and his decision to opt out for 2020 could work against him. Like Gregory Rousseau or Ja’Marr Chase, he only has one real season as a starter, and taking it will be a risk.

If I were a stat: Passes forbidden

In two seasons and despite a truncated first exercise, Farley defended 19 assists in 23 matches. He has a special instinct to locate the ball quickly and act on it. And he also knows how to punish the opposing team, with 6 interceptions on the clock.

If I were an NFL player: Jimmy Smith

But a rich man’s Jimmy Smith. In a man-to-man defense, he can win the physical duel from the start of the action or follow his player like a shadow. Having Farley on your back is the assurance of never having an easy win.

If I was a draft pick: Top 15

Patrick Surtain II or Caleb Farley? The debate is lively. But given the growing importance of cornerbacks in today’s NFL, there’s room for two in the top 15.

If I were an NFL team: San Francisco 49ers

The Niners are in urgent need of reinforcement at the cornerback position, where they will likely lose Richard Sherman, and they will have the 12 choice. If San Francisco has the chance to make this marriage come true, it would be amazing to see them make any other choice. .


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