[Draft 2022] If I were a hope: Matt Corral, number 1 quarterback by default?

While the university season runs parallel to that in the NFL and while waiting for the post-season draft sheets, the editorial staff of TDActu offers you a spotlight on the future nuggets that will join the NFL in 2022.

Matt Corral

Born January 31, 1999 in Ventura, California

1m85 for 92 kilos

Quarterback, Ole Miss, RS Junior

Expected as one of the good quarterbacks of a homogeneous vintage, Matt Corral is one of the few in the post who did not disappoint. Better, it shows a real progression to the point of being able to dream of 1st choice of draft.

If I were a quality: Precision

There are a lot of good things about Corral’s game, but one of the main qualities expected in a first round draft is precision. On the short and intermediate game, Corral is almost robotic in his precision. He still has to progress a little over the long game, but he also shows good progress in his game.

Under pressure or in a pocket, he can tell the difference. Accuracy in a healthy pocket is often underestimated, but that’s what makes a quarterback’s consistency and ability to push forward an attack.

If I were a fault: Athletic ability

While Matt Corral has improved on many points this year, he will never be an athletic freak like the NFL is seeing more and more of. It is relatively small (1.85m) and does not have exceptional mobility.

Creating ground play may be more complicated in the NFL, and this lack of mobility is sometimes also felt in the level of movement in the pocket. When it comes to comparing Corral to Malik Willis for example, it can make him lose (a little) value.

If I were a stat: 2 interceptions in 9 matches

Ahead of the start of the 2021 season, the main question about Corral was about interceptions. Twice, he cracked in 2020 against Arkansas (6 interceptions) and LSU (5). This season, the progression is notable for the pitcher of Ole Miss. He has limited errors at the moment, and seems to see the game much faster, while remaining calm for the duration of the match.

If I were an NFL player: Baker Mayfield

A quarterback also has to be a leader, is Matt Corral seems to fall into that category. A little lighter than the former Oklahoma quarterback, he has the same playmaker skills and the ability to change a game. It is not yet at the level of its predecessor, but it can have the same impact on its franchise.

If I was a draft pick: Top 10

Is Matt Corral one of the top 10 prospects in the draft? Certainly not. But the quarterback position is the most important there is, and pitchers are logically often selected higher than their gross value. There are always teams that need quarterbacks, and Corral is going to take advantage of that.

If I were an NFL team: Washington Football Team

Washington is far from having the worst workforce in the league, especially in attack where weapons are plentiful. Terry McLaurin is one of the best receivers in the league, and Curtis Samuel is a playmaker. If we add Antonio Gibson, Matt Corral would be lucky to have so many targets in the first year.

Washington’s offensive system can adapt to offer a spread attack that would suit the player’s style. The context would be much more favorable than in Detroit for example.

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