[Draft 2022] If I were a hope: Breece Hall (RB), the wall breaker


While the university season runs parallel to that in the NFL and while waiting for the post-season draft sheets, the editorial staff of TDActu offers you a spotlight on the future nuggets that will join the NFL in 2022.

Breece Hall

Born May 31, 2001 in Wichita, Kansas
1m85 for 99 kilos
Runner, Iowa State, junior

Named in the 1st NCAA rookie team in 2019 then in the 1st NCAA team in 2020, Breece Hall is undoubtedly (today) the best runner for the 2022 vintage of the NFL draft.

If I were a quality: vision of the game

His power could be cited because in the past two seasons, Breece Hall has broken 150,000 tackles (or almost). However, what is obvious is his ability to always find the most favorable breach to punish the opponent. Patient, it is not uncommon to see him take a first step on one side before redirecting to the other, because the defense seems more in difficulty there by his offensive line. There is no point in being powerful if it is to run up against a wall then, he knows how to optimize his chances by analyzing the position of the defenders before the engagement and their positions when the ball is in play. Then, his power allows him to get rid of an opponent trying, in vain, to stop his race.

If I were a fault: wear and tear related to his position

In 2020, no runner among the 130 universities in Division 1A has worn leather more than him. It also means that he is among those who have suffered the most shocks. In football, all positions on the pitch are exposed to impact, but none more so than runners. The length of an NFL career for a running back is, on average, the shortest of all players. Moreover, the courses of the very talented Saquon Barkley (Giants) and Christian McCaffrey (Panthers) are severely disrupted by injuries.

If I were a stat: 23 receptions

Brock Purdy is the Iowa State University quarterback, and he has enough targets in the aerial field to target his runners relatively few. However in 2021, Breece Hall has already tied in 7 games, his 2020 reception tally (12 games). With 23 receptions, he wouldn’t be compared to Alvin Kamara (Saints) or Austin Ekeler (Chargers) in bringing in to the aerial game, but he shows he can be a reliable casual fix.

If I were an NFL player: Nick Chubb (Browns)

Like the Cleveland player, Breece Hall could become the driving force behind an NFL attack right from his rookie season. Like him, he is not among the fastest in the position, but extremely efficient. What a breach to attack and when, then give trouble to defenders wanting to catch up, the two players share some similarities.

If I was a draft pick: 25-45

In terms of talent, Breece Hall is a player in the first round of the draft. Yes, but voila, the position of runner is often devalued during the first choice of franchises: a greater exposure to injuries and a league increasingly turned towards the pass, play against the runners. Especially since an impressive quantity of quality RBs come out of the university ranks each year. Besides, many distant draft picks have been successful like Aaron Jones (Packers), David Montgomery (Bears) or Tony Pollard (Cowboys). In addition, the NFL attacks use with rare exception, like the Titans with Derrick Henry, a committee in this position where several runners bring in a game, in a season. So why spend such a valuable 1st round draft pick on this position? Last element playing against him, if he is the best for the vintage of the 2022 draft, he is not the best rider at the university level (Bijan Robinson / Texas). However, his talent is undeniable and a top runner can hide many shortcomings, as Najee Harris proves with the Steelers.

If I were an NFL team: Miami Dolphins

After 7 games in 2021, the Miami Dolphins rank deep in the league in terms of yards gained on the ground. With a young quarterback yet to be able to reach his full potential, the help of a leading runner would be invaluable. The Falcons appear to be another offense that could benefit from a top No.1 runner.


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