[Draft 2022] If I were a hope: Andrew Booth (CB), diamond polish

While the university season runs parallel to that in the NFL and while waiting for the post-season draft sheets, the editorial staff of TDActu offers you a spotlight on the future nuggets that will join the NFL in 2022.

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Andrew Booth
Born September 28, 2000 in Dacula, Georgia
1m83 for 91 kilos
Cornerback, Clemson, junior

In a class very rich in cornerback, at least four of the players of this class can claim the top 15. Andrew Booth is one of those players, and his qualities are so immense that he has everything to start in his first season in the NFL .

If I were a quality: Athletic ability

Andrew Booth isn’t the tallest or widest player in this class, yet he’s an athletic freak. He’s fast, explosive, and his change of direction is incredibly smooth. This foolproof agility makes him a versatile player, who can play man to man or cover.
With his huge arms, his hands are often close to the ball, and he knows how to take advantage of it. With good hands, he can punish the opposing quarterback as he showed against South Carolina. While he’s not yet a finished product, Booth has huge potential.

If I were a fault: Tackles

Like many (too) players these days, Andrew Booth is far from having an optimal tackle technique. In his career, he has accumulated 15 missed tackles (20.3%) which makes him an unreliable player in the racing game.

Booth can pursue any player, but he has to learn how to finish the action. To compensate for this weakness, Andrew Booth is sometimes too aggressive at times. If he channels himself, he can become a solid start in the NFL.

If I were a stat: 312 yards conceded (10 matches)

In 2021, Clemson suffered as rarely in recent years. Unable to find an attacking rhythm, the University of Carolina relied on a defense that was overexposed. And yet Andrew Booth was able to hold the house, cashing only 31 yards per game while facing the opposing receiver number 1 each week. If he is not in the SEC, the competition remains very good and Booth responds every week.

If I were an NFL player: Malcolm Butler

Versatility is fundamental in the NFL, and while that is not an end in itself, it makes a player an exciting profile for a creative defensive coach. Booth is like Butler before him a toolbox, the whole point being to use the tools well at the right time. While he might not turn out to be a star, Booth can become a solid starter for many years in the NFL, first as a number 2 cornerback and then as a number 1.

If I were an NFL team: Philadelphia Eagles

Darius Slay evolves in 2021 at an All-Pro level, but he lacks a partner on the other side. Andrew Booth could fill that void, and grow up in Slay’s shadow for years to come. In a mixed defense, he appears to be the perfect candidate for a benchmark franchise seeking a key position.

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