Draft 2021: The best players still available | Touchdown Actu (NFL Actu)

The first round of the 2021 draft has returned its verdict, and 32 players have been selected by the NFL franchises. However, there is still a lot of talent, and the second day promises to be exciting. Here is a selection of players available when they were eligible for the first round.

Considering the density of the receiver in this draft, it’s no wonder to see some very talented players available in the second round. The two Moore, Elijah and Rondale, are two players with a similar profile: rockets capable of energizing an attack.

The embodiment of the modern catcher, it should not be long before they find a new home. In a copycat league, all franchises want to find « the new Tyreek Hill ».

It is the biggest surprise of the first round among the offensive players, Teven Jenkins is still free. Oklahoma State tackle has a profile close to that of Liam Eichenberg, powerful players who are not the most mobile. Perhaps one explanation for this fall is that many observers see them as right tackles, and the ability to play on the left remains a major issue in the first round.

The fall of Landon Dickerson and Samuel Cosmi is perhaps more easily explained. Both suffered injuries, and it is not impossible that it was this precarious physical condition that explained the fall.

Creed Humphrey is the last player in this group. Talent center, he should not wait long in this second round before leaving. The center post is not the most valued, but his talent is so enormous that a team will crack.

No huge surprise here, the interior defensive line was not addressed during the first round. That should change in the second round, and the Barmore / Onwuzurike duo should start in the second round.

The two profiles are interesting, between the explosive Onwuzurike and the very complete Christian Barmore. The two seem more like a 4-3 defense, but the versatile profile of the two interiors could lead them to be chosen by a team playing in a different system as well.

One of the big losers of this first day is Azeez Ojulari. The sophomore redshirt is a physical phenomenon that is still technically raw, and it will need time to express itself. But his talent and potential are immense. He should not be available for long.

He is perhaps the player for whom the fall is the most unexpected. Projected in some mocks in the top 20, the hybrid linebacker is still available. Handyman, he can evolve in the slot, in linebacker or in safety. As useful on cover as in pass rush, he has the modern linebacker profile and shouldn’t go long without a team.

Nick Bolton was not necessarily intended for the first round, but his complete middle linebacker profile will make him very desirable from the start of the second round. The former Missouri can do it all, and he can become a control tower in the middle of a defense.

It has become a constant in the draft in recent years: the position of safety is not valued by NFL franchises. This explains how a safety like Trevon Moehrig is still available.

It is not absurd to think that he is the best player available in terms of talent, and his Free Safety profile capable of covering the entire field will inevitably attract franchises lacking air coverage.

The other safety to watch is Jevon Holland, a versatile player who can adapt to almost any NFL system. He has enormous potential and won’t make it through the second round.

Cornerbacks saw some popularity in the first round, but Asante Samuel is still free. Although a little below NFL physical standards, the son of is a talented playmaker, and he can become a starting cornerback with no problem. He probably won’t pass choice 40.

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