Draft 2020: the summary of the exchanges of the 1st round | Touchdown Actu (NFL Actu)

1. Exchanges prior to April 23, 2020

Pick 13 (49ers, via Colts) : The San Francisco 49ers reclaimed the pick as part of DeForest Buckner’s trade in March.

Choice 18 (Dolphins via Steelers) : The Miami Dolphins recovered the choice following the exchange of Minkah Fitzpatrick at the end of September 2019.

Choice 19 (Raiders via Bears) : The Las Vegas Raiders reclaimed the pick following Khalil Mack’s trade in 2018.

Choice 20 (Jaguars via Rams) : The Jacksonville Jaguars recovered this choice following the trade of Jalen Ramsey during the 2019 season.

Choice 22 (Vikings via Bills) : The Minnesota Vikings recovered this choice following the exchange of Stefon Diggs in March.

Choice 26 (Dolphins via Texans) : the Miami Dolphins recovered this choice following the exchange of Laremy Tunsill and Kenny Stills at the start of last season.

2. Exchanges during the evening of the draft

Buccaneers climb one spot to select Tristan Wirfs (OT) with the 13th pick.
The 49ers get the 14th pick as well as a 4th round pick (the 117th overall pick). In the operation the Bucs’ also recover a choice of the 7th round (245th overall choice).

The Chargers return to the 1st round to select Kenneth Murray (LB). They send their pick 37 (2nd round) and 71 (3rd round) in exchange for the New England Patriots’ pick 23.

After moving back one spot with their 1st choice, the 49ers decided to go up to the 25th spot for their second choice of the 1st round to select Brandon Aiyuk (WR). To achieve the exchange San Francisco sends its 30th pick to the Vikings, as well as picks 117 (4th round) and 176 (5th round).

Finally, the biggest surprise of the evening came from Wisconsin where the Packers selected Jordan Love (QB) whom they believe to be Aaron Rodgers’ successor. The Dolphins sent their No.26 pick against picks 30 (1st round) and 136 (4th round).

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