Dr Dre disrespected the NFL during the Super Bowl!

Dr Dr provided the show for half-time on super bowl This year. With a shock team made up of the greatest artists of aftermath (and of death row) and more particularly Snoop, Mary J Blige, 50 Cent, Eminem, Kendrick Lamarthe Dr assured the show.

But Dre did not respect anything!

The founder who began his career at N.W.A. at Compton is a rebellious spirit. To begin with, none of the participants in the super bowl should not have the knee on the ground in homage to the movement BlackLivesMatter. And Eminem did not hesitate to end in this posture at the end of his verse on  » Loose Yourself « . Snoop should in no way refer to Crips and to Bloods, the two mythical gangs of Los Angeles. And to see his outfit, he did not hesitate for a single second to wear this kind of reference.

Finally, the last piece Still Dre » sung by the founder himself has a rather polemical punchline in a verse: « Still not love tha police (I still don’t like the police). This part of the chorus was to be censored, but nothing happened.

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