Dortmund: Erling Haaland is arrogant, according to Gibraltar player

The forward declined to swap his jersey with his opponent in a 2022 World Cup qualifier earlier this year.

Erling Haaland « laughed and left » after an international opponent asked him to exchange his jersey, said Gibraltar striker Reece Styche. Styche claimed Haaland snubbed Gibraltar captain Roy Chipolina after the 2022 World Cup qualifier against Norway earlier this year, meaning none of Gibraltar’s players asked for his jersey when they faced each other again earlier this month.

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Hednesford Town forward Styche, who scored in Gibraltar’s recent 5-1 loss to Norway’s Erling Haaland, said Borussia Dortmund striker lacked « class » despite his abilities on the ground. The 32-year-old, who plays in the seventh echelon of English football, told The Sun: « None of us wanted Haaland’s jersey so we snubbed it. Last March our captain Roy Chipolina asked for Haaland’s jersey when we met in Gibraltar. »

“Norway won 3-0 but Erling Haaland didn’t score, he was substituted after an hour and was a bit cranky. After they both gave interviews on TV, Roy told him : “My little boy is a big fan of yours, would you mind swapping our jerseys?” Haaland looked at him, laughed and left! He can buy a lot of things, but not the class. be that the hype has gone to his head« added the Gibraltar striker.

Haaland Norway vs Serbia

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« He had the opportunity to beautify a little child’s day, month, year or whatever and he said no. So nobody wanted his jersey in Oslo. Maybe he kept it to score their hat-trick or gave it to a Norwegian fan because it was their first home game with supporters after Covid « , concluded Reece Styche.

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Haaland scored a hat-trick in Norway’s 5-1 win in Oslo on September 7, bringing his country closer to qualifying for its first World Cup since 1998, but it was Styche’s goal for Gibraltar , currently 195th in the FIFA World Ranking, which has captured attention. The forward grabbed a trailing ball and threw it over the keeper just before half-time to stun the audience. Styche says the honor of playing for his country far exceeds wins or big tournaments.

« I don’t need Haaland’s jersey as a souvenir. My goal is written in history and I will always remember it in my head. I vividly remember watching the screens after 34 minutes and ‘saying out loud, “Don’t let this chance slip away, Reece.” Five minutes later, Haaland made it 3-0, but four minutes later our pressing allowed us to retrieve the ball and j always knew that I was going to cheat the goalkeeper to score« , welcomed Reece Styche.

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