Donovan Mitchell’s first message after his Jazz trade!

Donovan Mitchell is no longer a Jazz player, having been sent to the Cavaliers for the next few years of his career. A move desired by the interested party, delighted to have the opportunity to play with Darius Garland, Evan Mobley and company. In the meantime, Spida has made his first public message for his old home.

We knew it for a few weeks, Donovan Mitchell was probably going to be traded by the Jazz before the recovery. The Knicks tried several offensives, but the front office always refused to align themselves with the demands of Danny Ainge, who asked for a lot of assets in order to give up his star. If New York refused, this is not the case with the Cavaliers, who easily dropped several draft rounds and a few players to validate this deal (full trade here).

Spida will find players like Darius Garland, Evan Mobley and Jarrett Allen in the coming weeks. Cleveland has a very talented roster, and the reinforcement of Mitchell only confirms this trend, while putting some pressure on this roster. Indeed, the front office is now waiting for results in Ohio, which means that these players will have to get along quickly.

Spida looks back on his departure from Jazz!

While waiting to find his new team, Mitchell still has to turn the page and logically thank the Jazz for the opportunity. This Friday, he was quick to speak on his Instagram account to thank the supporters and his former organization. An important gesture for the player, who hopes to find success in Ohio now.

Thank you for the memories and the amazing times…You got to watch me grow on and off the court…Coach Quin (Snyder) thank you for giving me an opportunity and for trusting me to lead this team for these 5 last years ! Love

A strong message from Spida, who can now focus on his new mission, namely to lead towards the Horsemen towards the peaks of the East.

Jazz just wasn’t loud enough

Donovan Mitchell sent a last message to the Jazz, and no doubt he will receive a warm welcome for his return to Salt Lake City in a few months. The full-back is focused on his new mission, hoping for collective success with the Cavaliers.

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