“Donovan Mitchell would love to play on this team”

Donovan Mitchell says he’s not opposed to staying at the Jazz, but it’s no secret he has a soft spot for a competing franchise. A renowned former coach recently broached the subject…given he’s very close to the guard, his words have some impact.

Rudy Gobert having already left and with two other teammates targeted by the Lakers, the future of Donovan Mitchell in Utah is still more dotted. The superstar is attracted by the big markets, and would not be against turning the page after several repeated failures in the playoffs. If, paradoxically, he has nothing against the idea of ​​staying put either, the franchise has logically taken steps as part of a trade. The Knicks are in particular in the running to acquire it.

The problem is that the astronomical demand of the Mormons damn cooled the New York leaders, since they would then have to give up a staggering number of draft picks in addition to a few players. That being said, negotiations are still ongoing and a transfer is therefore still possible. Great news according to Rick Pitino, who coached Spida in the NCAA. According to the legendary coach, the latter would see a dream come true if he became a resident of Madison Square Garden:

Donovan Mitchell obsessed with the Knicks

Donovan Mitchell love the Knicks. Donovan enjoys being with his mother, sister and father. Donovan would love to be a Knick. That being said, things have to work out. I hope, I cross my fingers that he becomes a Knick. It would be very special for me as a coach to see him in a Knicks uniform, as a former Knicks coach.

Remember that Pitino was assistant then head coach in the Big Apple, and that he is therefore very attached to the franchise. Seeing his former nugget shine there would therefore obviously be great, as he puts it so well. He also thinks that the number 45 could very well integrate into the team, especially alongside the big rookie from NY this summer, Jalen Brunson (110 million over four years). Pitino is certain, the doublet could wreak havoc:

Brunson and Donovan Mitchell, that’s one hell of a backcourt. Both are winners. They are both wonderful people. I hope that will happen. It would be great for the Knicks and for anyone who follows the Knicks.

With all these arguments, there is something to continue to dream for the fans. That being said, an agreement has yet to be reached. If this were to happen, we would certainly attend departing from Evan Fournier of Gotham. After a rather average first season, not sure that we regret it very much.

Rick Pitino says it, Donovan Mitchell would love nothing more than to play for the Knicks, he who is a local child. It remains to be seen whether the Knicks will eventually give in to the demands of the Jazz, or whether the Mormons will listen to reason and demand a more modest price.

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