Donovan Mitchell punished at the Cavaliers? The crazy rumor

Long awaited in New York, Donovan Mitchell was finally sent to the Cavaliers in a major trade. And if he can be delighted with this outcome, the star back would however have been punished by ending up in Cleveland!

Following the departure of Rudy Gobert just hours after the launch of free agency, his departure was also soon mentioned in the NBA sphere. As the Jazz began its reconstruction project, Donovan Mitchell was a major asset for his franchise to recover assets for the future. It is therefore quite logical that he in turn packed his bags a few days ago.

Aware that his time was running out in Utah, many rival franchises have been looking into his case in recent weeks. The Heat, for example, joined the race, while the Knicks have long served as favorites in this matter. Gold, it was with the Cavaliers that Spida landed via an XXL trade. A destination that surprised everyone, and for good reason.

Donovan Mitchell victim of Jazz revenge?

As a New York native, Mitchell seemed almost destined to join the Big Apple as its new star. In the end, the fact that he was sent to Cleveland did not displease him, and far from it according to the latest revelations. However, according to Ric Bucher, its former leaders would have voluntarily accepted the offer of the Cavs rather than that of the Knicks… to take revenge on their rear!

Why did Donovan Mitchell end up landing at the Cavaliers? (I discovered another reason after recording the podcast: Some Jazz executives weren’t happy to see Mitchell want to leave the franchise, and felt that sending him to Cleveland—rather than his New York home— could be a way to make him pay for it).

If he quickly made the departure of Rudy Gobert a priority during the offseason, the Utah front office has indeed often repeated that he was not against keeping Mitchell. By dint of seeing the latter push to make a new start, they were however forced to do so, but would therefore have decided not to transfer him to his favorite base in retaliation. Missed, since the neo-Cavalier is delighted with his new situation!

Sent to New York by most insiders, Donovan Mitchell would have been transferred to the Cavaliers… to make him regret his desire to leave. Punishments like this, Spida would probably want every day!

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