Donovan Mitchell asks the question that kills

In full summer preparation for next season, Donovan Mitchell asked himself an incredibly difficult question … interrogates his family, he decided to ask the opinion of his many subscribers on social networks.

The offseason is starting to be very long… After the excitement of the Olympic Games, which prolonged the pleasure of all basketball fans, after the euphoria of the Draft and the free agency, the observers, the supporters, and the players must all find a way to pass the time faster until the resumption.

Beyond the trainings, undoubtedly numerous in this period, Donovan Mitchell decided to have fun with his Twitter followers by asking them a particularly difficult question. The choice could not be simpler: money, or physical suffering? We do not know how he arrived at this reflection, but the debate is interesting.

Question I asked my mom and sister… Would you let Mike Tyson put a straight in your face for $ 10 million?

For 10 million, the All-Star of Jazz wants who would agree to take a right by one of the most dangerous men in history! To give some relief to this question, you should know that Iron Mike is 50 career victories, including 44 on dazzling knockouts! So inevitably, Spida subscribers have almost all given the same answer …

To be clear, those 10 million would be for my children because I would immediately die of a skull implosion. So yes, for my children.

Even though $ 2 million of that money would go into my facial reconstruction, it’s still $ 8 million.

The sum is attractive, but there would inevitably be physical damage because even at 55 years old, he retains a sacred punching power. And you, what would you do?

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