Domenech takes a stray bullet from a fashionable consultant

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Raymond Domenech did not leave a spectacular memory in the world of football. Very often identified with the 2010 World Cup scandal, in Knysna, the former coach of the blues left FC Nantes through the back door in 2021 after having once again disappointed. Recently, a former player, who became a consultant, did not miss it, live on television.

Now a consultant for Canal+, Samir Nasri was present on the Canal Football Club set. On this occasion, Hervé Mathoux asked the former OM player about the worst coach he had known. After several seconds of reflection, Samir Nasri gave his verdict: “Ah! I know, Raymond Domenech! « .

The former coach of the Blues will appreciate.

to summarize

Without a club since leaving FC Nantes, Raymond Domenech takes a stray bullet from a fashionable consultant. Samir Nasri tackles Raymond Domenech on the set of the Canal Football Club and designates him as the worst coach he has had.

Adam Duarte

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