Dolberg, the return after the diagnosis


After announcing that he was suffering from diabetes, the Danish striker should make his return in the starting 11 in Nice against Clermont

Kasper Dolberg had assured by announcing ten days ago to suffer from diabetes, that it should have « no negative effect » on his career. The Nice center forward is preparing to prove it with a possible start on Sunday in Clermont in Ligue 1. “It is very likely that Kasper will start in Clermont. He is ready and available, ”his coach Christophe Galtier announced on Friday about the Dane.

On November 8, however, Dolberg surprised by revealing on Instagram that he had discovered after a series of medical tests that he had type 1 diabetes, one of the three major types of the disease. “Of course it’s a surprise to me and I’m honestly relieved to finally know why I haven’t been feeling well for the past two weeks. Also, I am extremely happy that the doctors were able to confirm to me that with the right treatment, it would have no negative effect on my career, ”explained the Aiglons striker.

The sequel was planned in agreement with the staff of the Danish selection and Dolberg was exempted from international matches to learn how to manage his disease and the treatment that accompanies it.

Like tens of millions of people around the world, Dolberg must now constantly control his glycemia, that is to say the concentration of glucose in the blood, and regulate it by injections of insulin.

“Kasper worked a lot during the break. He needed it physically, as well as to digest and integrate his diabetes problem and treatment. It took him a little while to accept. Now he has a smile on his face, ”Galtier assured Friday.

Everything but holidays

If Dolberg’s treatment has been established at home in Denmark, the young OGCN striker is of course accompanied by the club’s medical staff, who remains in contact with French and Danish diabetologists.

The affection is not incompatible with top-level sport, which already requires knowledge of one’s body and its management, as well as of nutrition. Physical activity is also part of the treatment developed on a case-by-case basis for all patients.

Like other top athletes, past (American swimmer Gary Hall, British rower Steve Redgrave) or current (Spanish Real Madrid defender Nacho), Dolberg simply has to learn to manage his insulin doses, to adjust them. to his daily life as a professional footballer and to adapt his diet.

And if he took a blow on the head at the statement of the diagnosis, the Dane reacted quickly, as he testified on Instagram: « I have been training all week, and I already feel much better », he asserted.

After a start to the season complicated by a summer preparation truncated by the Euro and a series of minor injuries, Galtier expects a lot from his striker, who was only able to participate in five L1 games (3 goals). The Nice coach has not changed anything in the catch-up program that he had concocted for the international break: « I had warned him then that it would be anything but holidays ».


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