Does Tom Brady have to apologize?

Paul Rouget, Media365: published on Monday, February 15, 2021 at 11:32 a.m.

Winner of his seventh Super Bowl, and his first with Tampa Bay, should Tom Brady apologize for throwing the trophy over the water during the Champions Parade? This is what the daughter of the creator of the trophy asks …

The scene created a buzz. During the Tampa Bay Buccaneers boat parade to celebrate the conquest of their second Super Bowl after their victory against the Kansas City Chiefs (31-9), Tom Brady sent the Lombardi Trophy to teammate Cameron Brate, who was on another boat. But even if the trophy did not fall into the water, this gesture of the legendary quarterback, seven-time Super Bowl winner and again elected MVP, particularly annoyed the daughter of its creator. Lorraine Grohs is the daughter of Greg Grohs, a goldsmith at the famous Tiffany jewelry store from 1967 to 1994 and who was responsible for the design of the Vince Lombardi trophy. And today she asks Brady for an apology!

« I was upset that this trophy was dishonored and disrespected, and thrown away like it was a real balloon, she lamented in an interview with the Fox 4 channel. This trophy made by my father has a great story, it’s a real honor, and I know all the craftsmen who made it when my father was at Tiffany. And that takes a lot of work. I saw how this trophy was made at the Tiffany factory, and it looks beautiful. My father must have chiseled it by hand. There is also a newspaper article that shows him working on this trophy. Personally, I would like so an apology, not just for me and my family and the other silversmiths, but also for the football fans and the other players on the team.« A request that is unlikely to succeed, a priori. Brady, however, apologized to Tyrann Mathieu, safety of the Chiefs, with whom he had had particularly tense exchanges during the match. According to ESPN, he reportedly texted him to tell him that he was « the ultimate competitor », « an incredible leader, a champion » and that he had « the class ».

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