Does Mattia Binotto doubt Mick Schumacher’s future with Ferrari?

Mick Schumacher’s future in Formula 1 seems to be hanging by a thread. While the Haas driver recovered from a disastrous start to the season in the middle of the year, Mattia Binotto, director of Scuderia Ferrari, reveals that he wishes to speak with the German during the next races to discuss of the future.

Mick Schumacher has been part of the Ferrari Driver Academy (FDA) since 2019. After winning the Formula 2 title in 2020, he was promoted in 2021 to Haas. Despite this, the son of the seven-time German world champion is still part of the FDA. The plan was to bring the « Schumacher » name back to Ferrari.

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However, those plans seem to have been put on the back burner for a while. Binotto wants to assess the German’s results and will start talks with the 23-year-old soon, Motorsportweek report.

What future for Schumacher in F1?

The director of the Italian firm acknowledges that the Scuderia youth program is extremely important for the team. The boss of the Italian team is therefore looking to the future.

“It is important to find and develop the best talent, with a view to the future“, he explained.

Mick Schumacher saw his team-mate Kevin Magnussen take points at the start of the year, while in Jeddah and Monaco the young German completely destroyed the VF22.

« With Mick, as we said at the start of the season, it will be important that he improves. We will sit with him in a few races, take stock of the season and we will do the same with Haas, then we will decide what is best for his future.“, concluded Binotto.

Is Schumacher progressing with Haas?

Mick’s uncle, Ralf Schumacher, has a very different opinion. He notes that his nephew has only improved over the races and would not understand Haas parting ways with the German at the end of the year.

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Furthermore, he points to the fact that from 2023 Ferrari will no longer simply be able to decide who becomes Haas’ second driver, which in turn could create opportunities for the young German. To Sport1, he explains his point of view: « Mick is getting better and better. If Günther Steiner and Gene Haas remain objective, they cannot ignore Mick. So we’ll see« , concluded the Haas driver’s uncle.

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