Does driving in a Ferrari F40 give you all the rights?

Some owners of supercars think that driving in such cars entitles them to certain advantages like the driver of this exceptional Ferrari.

Riding in a Ferrari F40 is definitely unexciting. Obviously this owner does not want to drag on. So, while many cars are moving relatively slowly, the driver of this beautiful Italian decided to use the hard shoulder to gain a few positions. But fortunately, as the person who posted the video points out, the driver took the trouble to put on his turn signal.

As a reminder, in France, traffic on the hard shoulders is prohibited. The fact of contravening the provisions of this article is punished by the fine provided for contraventions of the fourth class. « .

In this case, the driver of this Ferrari F40 would be liable, in France, for a fine of 135 euros, to which is added a loss of 3 points on his driving licence. In addition, he would even risk a license suspension of up to 3 years.

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