Doc Rivers soon available for the Lakers? His viral response

Mentioned among the candidates for the vacant position of coach of the Lakers, Doc Rivers has just suffered a big disappointment with the elimination of the 76ers. Could it therefore find itself quickly on the market, and respond to the offer of Purple & Gold? He himself answered, without detour!

As with any team in this situation, observers were quick to look for culprits in the 76ers’ elimination. Most chose James Harden, author of a new catastrophic performance for the last game of his season. Others preferred to spare the Barbu, and instead turned to Doc Rivers.

After the bitter failure of last year in the playoffs, the Philadelphia coach had however mitigating circumstances this time. Between the terrible performances of its star back, the multiple injuries of Joel Embiid, or the high level displayed by the Heat, it is difficult to claim better. And yet, his future in his post has already been the subject of some discussion in recent hours.

Doc Rivers at the Lakers? Impossible according to him

In a post-match press conference, Coach Rivers obviously had to comment on his wobbly situation in Philly… which would not be that bad in his eyes!

I don’t worry about my job! I think I’m doing a great job, and if you don’t agree, just write it down.

The Doc therefore considers himself irreproachable, and does not fear losing his job in the coming weeks. He would almost be asking for a raise in view of the balance sheet he draws up:

I’ve worked like crazy to bring this team this far. When I arrived here, nobody saw us doing anything. Same at the start of the season, the same thing. But if you think I’m not doing a good job, write it down!

The coaching function is nevertheless proving increasingly precarious, and its leaders may not have the same point of view as him on his time in Pennsylvania. And yet, Rivers shows an ironclad confidence in his tenure, which remains under contract until 2025:

Every time you’re wrong, do you lose your job? No. So it’s the same in my case. But if you think otherwise, then think so. I know what I did this year and I’m very happy with it.

Waiting for the evolution of his situation for several days, the Lakers will therefore obviously not be able to count on his help to attract him to Los Angeles!

Doc Rivers may have still stumbled at the stage of the conference semi-finals with the 76ers, he is convinced that he will not soon be dismissed. The kind of speech that may not please his courtiers at the Lakers!

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