Doc Rivers gives a big rant at the Ben Simmons case!

Particularly vocal this season, Ben Simmons has not only made admirers. His recent poor performance against Washington was therefore an opportunity for his haters to attack him. It was not at all to the liking of Doc Rivers, who shouted after the game.

Not to his advantage in Game 4 against the Wizards, Ben Simmons (13 points, 5 loss of balls) is again subject to criticism for his skill in free throws. Indeed, the Australian has only returned 5 in 11 attempts against DC, a blessing for his detractors. And obviously, his coach Doc Rivers is fed up with mockery, as his post-match press conference indicates:

You keep talking about Ben Simmons. Which is completely crazy. Ben is not a 40 point player. I do not understand why it does not enter the heads of the people who live in this city. If I were Ben, I would be fed up. Celebrate him and all the things he does well.

Analytically, if you take all these free throws separately, that’s one point per possession. That’s what he did. I had no problem with it.

A real distribution of slaps from the champion coach in 2008, who defends tooth and nail his protégé. The latter (59.7% of the career line) also does not want to be defeated by his clumsiness, even if it played a role in the defeat of his family. On the contrary, Simmons wants to continue the same way as before:

No, I’m not upset, it’s basketball. You just have to go forward and drop them, there is only that to do in real life. That’s all. I’m not discouraged from going on the line, so I have to get them in. That’s the way it is, so I just have to go ahead and get my throws in.

The ears of Ben Simmons’ detractors must have whistled after that. Doc Rivers does not appreciate repeated attacks on his players, and he has made it known. An action worthy of a leader.

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