« Do you want Infantino or Motsepe to come to the opening game, and park his vehicle in an insecure place? » « 

The sports journalist who lives not far from the Olembé stadium reveals that the construction of this enclosure still has many problems.

Olembe Stadium (c) All rights reserved

Guest of the program La Cour des Grands « presented by Patrice Biyo, Guy Roger Obama was little surprised by the desire of the Caf to relocate the opening match of Can 2021. According to him, the finishing touches on the stadium are far from complete. To date, the personalities who will travel to this enclosure will have no secure place to park their cars.

« The Olembé stadium has a lot of problems. The fence, and the parking lots are not ready. Do you want Infantino or Motsepe to arrive at the opening game, and park their vehicle in an unsafe location? What if his car is broken into while watching the game? We have to be serious, Olembé has serious problems (…) Moreover, the Minister of Sports is currently on his way to Cairo, where he was summoned urgently by CAF. Big talk doesn’t do the job. This stadium has serious problems, even in terms of lighting, and this was seen in the September game against Malawi. In any case, the 30th is next Tuesday ”, he said.

In a letter addressed to the Caf yesterday, November 25 by Narcisse Mouelle Kombi, the Minsep gives all the guarantees that the Olembé stadium will indeed be ready for the next African football mass as Lebledparle Sport wrote.

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