Discovering the sport-health program

From this Monday and until September 17, open days are organized at the Maison Sport Santé. The opportunity to discover the different activities of the program.

« We left for 30 minutes ». Armed with their poles held in each hand, a dozen members of the Sport Santé program set off in the Bel-Air park, near the Maurice-Trélut stadium, for a Nordic walking session. « It’s a walk that combines the work of classic walking with that of the arms to propel oneself with the sticks », launches Pierre, sports educator at the town hall of Tarbes. Throughout this week, open days are organized at the Maison Sport Santé to discover all the physical activities offered there. This Monday morning, some were doing their first Nordic walking session. « I hesitated several times before coming here, admits Marie-Pierre. But I don’t regret it, the welcome is great, they put us at ease quickly. »

Like her, nearly 60 people have come to Maison Sport Santé to stay in shape. Various activities are offered in the program which takes place over a minimum of 3 months. This ranges from Nordic walking, to muscle strengthening, through the gym, ball games or even exercises for the joints. “I feel better physically, notes Carole. When we are retired, we are rather sedentary. There, the exercises allow us to unlock. Then here we can discuss, we are not faced with isolation. atmosphere is almost family ».

Create social connection

Beyond sport, the Sport Santé program helps to create a link between practitioners and educators. “Very often, those who come here are people who are alone and who need social ties,” adds Pierre. Through sport, we can create a closeness with them ». Real follow-up and support work is also carried out by the facilitators. Tests are carried out by Pierre and his team from the start and after 3 months of activities to measure any progress, and adapt the program to their situation. « At the end of these three months, either they are Olympic champions and in this case we get rid of them (laughs). Either we leave for another 3 months ». At the end of the program, practitioners are directed to partner associations of voluntary gym, health judo or even health boxing in particular.

The open days continue until Saturday, September 17 at the Maison Sport Santé to discover new physical activities. To register or find out, it happens on or on 05 62 31 40 58.

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