Disagreement between Damian Lillard and the Blazers? Several teams on the lookout!

The Blazers made an important decision on Friday by parting ways with their coach, Terry Stotts, by mutual agreement. Damian Lillard already knows who he wants as a replacement, even though his franchise seems to be going in another direction. Drama in sight?

Once again prematurely eliminated in the playoffs, Damian lillard is undoubtedly very disappointed. He continues to string together huge performances, but the rest of the roster can’t say the same. Shortly after the defeat, even the leader questioned the level of the roster. You don’t have to be an expert to realize that Portland can’t hope for much today.

So the front office intends to change things, and made a first move this Friday, at the staff level. Indeed, Terry Stotts is now on the market, he who has agreed with the Blazers to leave his post.

While the replacement won’t be named in a matter of days, the Oregon franchise already has several leads. Lillard himself cited two names to The Athletic:

I really like Jason Kidd and Chauncey Billups.

But according to information from Shams Charania, Lillard would have a preference for the first city, today on the bench of the Lakers in the skin of an assistant. Kidd is often found in rumors, but without any offers in the process. Problem? The Blazers want Billups, not the former Dallas point guard for the coaching job. A disagreement that could create some sparks.

Charania also explains that several large teams are closely monitoring the rest of this soap opera. Earlier today, we were talking about 4 franchises interested in Dame Dolla, including the Lakers. Drama is possible, especially with repeated failures in Portland.

If Lillard remains true to his frankness, his recent post deleted on Instagram shows frustration. It may be the summer of the start for the leader, not satisfied with the direction his team is taking. Be careful not to play with fire on the side of the leaders.

The new Blazers coach? It will perhaps have a great importance on the future of Damian Lillard. His preference is for Jason Kidd, when his leaders want Chauncey Billups instead. This is something to watch closely in the coming weeks.

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