Dirty news for Luka Doncic!

On a nasty streak that led them to a negative balance sheet, the Mavs have just recorded bad news about their superstar Luka Doncic. Bad weather in Texas in December …

It’s a start to the season with contrasting emotions experienced by Mavs fans. First, Kristaps Porzingis’ teammates have stabilized in the top 4 in the West, which augurs well for the Jason Kidd era which began this summer. But for more than two weeks, it is the tumble, with several setbacks which resulted in a record of 12-13 after 25 games.

Like his team, Luka Doncic is not at best at the moment. First, the Slovenian is out of shape and displays extra pounds on the scales, which he himself has recognized … and which clearly does not help him to pass a course in defense. Then, he produces his quietest stats in two years, even if they remain quite admirable on paper.

Luka Doncic begins to worry about his health

Worse yet, Luka Magic accumulates health glitches, including a recurring ankle injury that he cannot eliminate. Out against the Thunder this Sunday evening, the prodigy is now embarrassed for many matches by this concern. And the latest information reported by the Dallas Morning News are not necessarily reassuring:

Jason Kidd said Doncic didn’t make it to the Mavs’ practice on Saturday. During the open media portion, Doncic watched the substitutes clash, left leg resting on a chair in front of him, two ice packs wrapped around his ankle.

For his part, Marc Stein of the New York Post adds that the leader will miss « several games » because of this injury.

Not really the update that was expected in Dallas, where happiness often rhymes with a 100% Luka. Beyond the concern about the state of health of the former Real Madrid, the Mavs are struggling for the moment to display a true identity on both sides of the field, and the paw of Jason Kidd, who replaced Rick Carlisle , is not obvious to anyone who sits in front of a Texans game.

As a reminder, Luka Doncic’s 25.6 point average is his lowest total since his rookie season, as are his 8.5 assists. His free-throw skill has never been so mediocre (69%), despite statements that support work from this point of view …

When Luka Doncic goes, everything is generally fine… but the reverse is also true. Hopefully for the Mavs that the Slovenian fully regains the fullness of his means, because Jason Kidd’s men will need it to get out of this bad patch.

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