Dirty lack of respect towards Wembanyama? The US is on fire!

Victor Wembanyama is highly anticipated in the NBA, both by his future opponents and by fans. And if the fashion has long been to praise it, to say how unique it is, it is today just the opposite happens. He was notably the victim of a big lack of respect on social networks.

Victor Wembanyama has been on fire since the start of the season, and he is doing much better than improving his popularity rating before the Draft. When he decided to join the Metropolitans, one would have thought that he would be content to make numbers in an average team, without really worrying about the results. But no, the young pivot is currently taking his team to first place in the French championship.

The Americans see Bol Bol in front of Wembanyama

He is also the best scorer with 23.2 points on average, best rebounder with 9.6, but also best blocker with 3 per game… This domination has earned him a great reward from French fans, who enjoy every weekend in front of his exploits. But obviously, the impression left is not the same across the Atlantic, since he has just been targeted by a big lack of respect on social networks:

We can all agree on that, right?

It shouldn’t even be a tweet. One is an NBA player, the other is a foreigner who has not experienced the high level.

The best NBA players are Europeans, Team USA is finding it increasingly difficult to get rid of France and other selections, and yet American fans continue to look down on players who come from the Old Continent. Victor Wembanyama walks on the Betclic Elite, a championship in which evolve former NBA players, veterans of EuroLeague, but it would not be enough for them.

Above all, this rather disrespectful message towards the Frenchman implies that he would not be able to put 13 points per game in a team as mediocre as the Magic… The pivot of the Metropolitans may have convinced all the observers of the Betclic Elite, all Draft specialists, he will still have to prove himself next season to convert the skeptics.

Victor Wembanyama is walking on a professional championship at 18, he made a strong impression for his first steps in the France team, but according to the American public, he would not yet be at the level of Bol Bol, who is running at 13 points from average in Orlando…

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