Dirk Nowitzki’s barely believable sentence on Luka Doncic

Author of a delirious start to his career on an individual level, Luka Doncic has put many NBA legends at his feet. One of them is none other than Dirk Nowitzki, legend of the Mavs. The latter has also released an absolutely crazy quote on the Slovenian there is little.

Drafted in 2018, Luka Doncic in particular was able to live very closely the last season of Dirk Nowitzki’s career. This one was able to share with the young prodigy all his knowledge on the big league, thus giving him a not insignificant baggage which Halleluka uses today wonderfully, by crushing his adversaries every evening.

Now retired, the German has not stopped following his franchise forever. He can therefore regularly witness the feats of his successor, which greatly impress him. Asked about Doncic by a TMZ reporter ahead of Game 7 against the Clippers, Dirk bluntly cracked the following statement:

I don’t think he needs my advice. To me, he’s already the greatest Mav player in history, you know. You do not believe me ? He plays so amazingly.

Suffice to say that from the Wunderdirk, it is a gigantic compliment to the Slovenian, who can feel honored. After all, Dirk Nowitzki is 21 seasons and more than 30,000 career points for the Mavs, as well as a fabulous title won in 2011 following a legendary playoff run.

Luka therefore still has a long way to go before reaching this level of greatness in Texas. The German Bomber is partly right, he is arguably the most talented player to ever play in Dallas. From there to being proclaimed GOAT of the franchise after three years, when it already has a living legend, it is likely that even El Matador would not dare to say such a thing.

Dirk Nowitzki clearly didn’t mince his words, saying that Doncic would be the best player in Mavs history. This adds a little more pressure on the player, but also on the leaders, who must do everything to surround him as well as possible in the future.

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